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BioBag Garden Bio-Film

The first 100% biodegradable "plastic" gardening film for the U.S. market

Garden Bio-Film is made from cornstarch and other earth-friendly renewable resources. It is certified by the BPI/US Composting Council and DEBIO certified for use in organic agriculture. It is the only plastic film approved for animal consumption after compost.

Garden Bio-Film is designed to protect your plantings from weeds and stimulate warmth for uniform growth, then return itself naturally to the earth after the plantings reach maturation. The film also serves as a plant protector during frost and wind warnings.

Regular polyethylene or polypropylene based plastic can take over 100 years to begin to degrade. It has to be cleaned, stored or destroyed after use. Regular plastic film is usually sold in three to five foot rolls, which make them difficult to merchandise and hard to carry and store at home. Our 150 sq. ft. sheets are equal in size and parity priced with the market leaders. Garden Bio-Film is also shelf-stable, just like paper plates or paper towels. Its qualities for decomposition are activated by usage. We proudly make exceptional products.

Garden Bio-Film is lightweight, yet denser than plastic of equal mil. Both the film and the vegetable-based pigmentation used for color are certified for use in organic growing. To use, simply prepare the soil and lay the film over the planting area. Cut slits to place the plantings and provide water access. Cover with mulch or dirt. The film will begin to decompose between 50-60 days as the crop reaches maturity. After 90 days the film will be 95% returned to the earth, adding its nutrients in the process. The film can be tilled into the soil at any time during the growing process.

Click here to view our mulch report by Washington State University.

Decomposition Process
This test was conducted in Ireland during summer 2000 under the auspices of Teagasc, the Irish Agricultural and Food Development Authority. After 90 days approximately 95% of the film had decomposed.

Garden BioFilm is also available at most “environmentally-aware” garden centers.

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