Prosegur launches call to promote security solutions for cryptoactives

Prosegur launched a challenge to promote the development of new technological solutions for cold storage of digital assets

Prosegur launched a challenge to strengthen the security of the cryptoactive market and promote the development of new technological solutions with the idea of providing added value to the company’s digital asset cold storage system. This was reported from Argentina, the portal of El Economista, on January 19.

According to the publication, the call will be open until 8 February and is aimed at startups with the following characteristics: „With a functional prototype, exclusively aimed at the B2B market, who are interested in validating their technological projects in a real environment and in contributing to the opening of new business lines in the cryptoactive market“.

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„The projects that pass the initial evaluation of the Selection Committee, according to criteria such as the need it solves, the technologies on which it is based, the regulatory compliance and the replicability of the project, will participate in the Selection Day, date on which they will defend their proposals before the company’s jury and on which the winning startups will be announced“, detailed in the article.

„The selected initiatives will have the opportunity to test their potential with the collaboration and advice of Prosegur experts and will be able to take advantage of the company’s equipment and working infrastructure. In addition, the winning startups will have funding of 30,000 euros and will have the opportunity to establish a synergy with Prosegur through the Tech Ventures division, responsible for analyzing the potential of the projects to market them globally,“ they added later.

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In this context, Raimundo Castilla, CEO of Prosegur Crypto, said:

„This new technological challenge is another example of our commitment to innovation Bitcoin Rush and strengthening a pioneering sector that demands real and reliable solutions in terms of security. Prosegur Crypto is the first step in a long journey and to meet the challenges of the future, we must add our global technological leadership to the talent and creativity of the entrepreneurial ecosystem“.